The role of Industrial Hygiene is to anticipate, identify, evaluate, control and/or eliminate exposure to occupational health hazards, and thereby promote, create and maintain a healthful and safe campus environment for all staff, faculty, students and visitors.

The mission of Industrial Hygiene is to develop and maintain programs regarding human health including asbestos management, biosafety (including biosafety cabinets, bloodborne pathogens, hantavirus, and tuberculosis), chemical safety (including benzene, chemical exhaust hoods and formaldehyde), hazard communication (including material safety data sheets), hearing conservation, heat/cold stress, indoor air quality (including air monitoring services for gases, vapors, fumes, dusts and mold), laboratory chemical hygiene, lead/heavy metals, odor responses, respiratory protection, and ventilation.

The vision of Industrial Hygiene is to maintain a high standard of professionalism and objectivity during all investigations of potential health hazards. Our function is to provide services as needed to faculty, staff, students and visitors in order to minimize their exposure to health, safety and environmental risks, including associated physical and fiscal harm to the university.

John Archuleta
Hazardous Materials Specialist
(505) 277-8664

Michael Burt
Environ. Hlth & Safety Tech I
(505) 277-1362

Michael McKinstry
Environ. Hlth & Safety Tech 3
(505) 277-2713

Eddie Enriquez
Safety Specialist
(505) 277-9781