The University of New Mexico is committed to providing a safe laboratory environment for its faculty, staff, students and visitors. The goal of the Lab Safety Program is to minimize the risk of injury or illness to laboratory workers by ensuring they have the training, information, support and equipment needed to work safely in the laboratory.

The three basic elements of the Laboratory Safety Program are:

  • The departmental safety program led by the Chemical Hygiene Officer(s)
  • Laboratory safety support and training by Safety & Risk Services
  • Instruction and oversight by an individual's supervisor or Principal Investigator

SRS provides training, resources and consultation for a variety of laboratory safety issues, including chemical safety, laser safety, biological safety, radiation safety, electrical safety and other topics. If you are unable to find the laboratory safety information you seek, please use our iServiceDesk to make a request.


John Archuleta
Hazardous Materials Specialist
(505) 277-8664

Michael Burt
Environ. Hlth & Safety Tech I
(505) 277-1362

Michael McKinstry
Environ. Hlth & Safety Tech 3
(505) 277-2713

Eddie Enriquez
Safety Specialist
(505) 277-9781