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It is our pleasure to bring you our popular self-learning modules online for your convenience:

  • Our self-learning modules are designed to supplement, not replace, safety training at UNM.
  • The modules are especially good for adult learners who prefer self-directed learning, more control over when they learn or more control over how they learn.
  • The modules function superbly as refresher training and in providing new information.
  • All modules have review information and a test, or competency assessment, built into them. If you are an expert in the subject area of the module, feel free to go directly to the test. You will soon know if you need to go back and review the information.
  • After you have selected the module you wish to complete from the menu on the left, follow the download and printing instructions next to the description of the module.
  • When you have completed your module, please return it to the address on the last page of the module.