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HAZMAT Shipments

The University contracts with CHEMTREC, a 24-hour Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Communications center, to provide an emergency phone number for use on all shipping papers associated with shipments of HazMat.

Under Department of Transportation regulations, when HazMat is shipped, the shipper must provide a 24-hour emergency phone number on the shipping papers. The number must provide immediate access to a person knowledgeable about the materials being shipped in the event of an incident en route to the destination point. Penalties for failing to answer the phone can be severe.

Therefore, Safety and Risk Services (SRS) coordinates this contract as a service to the University community, in order to minimize the risk of fines and provide a simple and cost-effective method for the University to remain in compliance with these strict regulations.

Please read and follow the instructions on the next page for trouble-free shipping. If you need help or prefer for SRS to coordinate the submission of your shipment profiles, contact Chemanji Shu-Nyamboli (; 505-277-2766 Office). If you have been submitting your own profiles and MSDS to CHEMTREC, you may continue to do so with a copy to Chemanji Shu-Nyamboli at SRS (email is preferred).


UNM departments may use CHEMTREC’s emergency phone numbers listed below on all your HazMat shipments originating and/or terminating in the USA, following these instructions.

CHEMTREC must have a HazMat profile on file PRIOR to each shipment. The information provided varies depending on the type of shipment. Details of how to submit profiles are given below, or if you prefer to have SRS coordinate your profile submission please contact Chemanji Shu-Nyamboli ( for assistance.

(Note that this document contains hyperlinks for your convenience. If you are reading a hard copy, look for these downloadable forms at

  1. First, be sure that your shipment packaging and markings comply with DOT packaging regulations. Contact SRS for assistance if needed.
  2. Routine profiles, describing shipments that will be repeated, should be submitted to Subsequent shipments, if identical in hazard and shipper information, do not require additional profile submission.
    1. If an MSDS is available for the material to be shipped, the profile will include the MSDS together with an MSDS Submission form (MSDS Submission Form).
    2. For shipments such as steady waste streams, lab specimens, and radioactive materials that do not require or have an appropriate MSDS or profile, please use one of the documents below to provide hazard information:
      1. Lab Specimen Info Form (for guidance in completion, look here: Lab Form with Sample Answers)
      2. Low Level Radioactivity Form
  3. For one-off shipping (a product you will only be shipping once) or immediate shipping (within 5 business days), fax or email your MSDS directly to the Emergency Center (fax: 703.741.6090, Please include the UNM MSDS Submission Form for CHEMTREC with your document.
  4. Your HazMat shipping papers should:
    1. State “University of New Mexico,” followed by your department name.
    2. Include a departmental contact name and phone number.
    3. Include the following text:

      For Chemical Emergency

      Spill, Leak, Fire, Exposure, or Accident

      Call CHEMTREC Day or Night

      • Within USA and Canada: 1-800-424-9300
      • Outside USA and Canada: +1 703-527-3887 (collect calls accepted)
  5. Remember to reference “University of New Mexico,” CHEMTREC Customer Number 201693 on every submission, and copy Chemanji Shu-Nyamboli, (