Chemical Labeling Guidelines

In order to maintain compliance with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard and to ensure safety in the workplace, all hazardous chemicals must be clearly labeled for the benefit of workers, visitors and emergency responders.

The manufacturer’s label is usually sufficient and must include the following:

  • Product name or identity of chemical
  • Hazards of the chemical, if applicable
  • Name, address and emergency phone number of manufacturer
  • Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) number, if applicable

Hazardous chemicals that are not in the manufacturer’s original container must display a label that includes, at a minimum:

  • Product name or identity of chemical
  • Hazards of the chemical (using words, pictograms, NFPA or HMIS)

 Containers of hazardous chemicals that are no longer wanted/needed and are therefore determined to be waste must be labeled with the same information listed above, plus the words “HAZARDOUS WASTE.”

Owners/users of hazardous chemicals are allowed to create their own labels, as long as the labels comply with the requirements listed above. Labels of various types and sizes are commercially available and may also be used. Examples include the following:

Hazard Diamond