Research Labs and Maker Spaces Reopening Inspections

EHS is working in conjunction with the Office of the Vice President of Research (OVPR), Provost Office, and Facilities Management to allow students back into laboratories on campus. A latter phase, after Provost’s Office approval, will be the inspection of each lab by EHS to make sure all COVID Safety Practices (CSPs) are followed. Please see the COVID-19 Safety RTW Checklistfor guidance on what items SRS will be expecting and see the templates below.
1. Lab Specific Cleaning and Disinfecting SOP
2. Lab Specific Distancing Rules/Procedures
3. Lab Specific details on scheduling (you can upload your own plan or use the distancing SOP below)
We have the following templates for you to use for the required SOPs:

To make a request for reopening, please click here to open the Facilities Management portal.

Note: Please answer yes to question #9 on the submission if your space is a Research Lab or Maker Space.

If you have already submitted your documents to EHS please submit a plan for any shared space in the link above. If you have not submitted documents to EHS submit them in the link above. Once approvals are obtained from the cognizant dean and provost, you will be contacted for inspection.

Bringing Back the Pack: Return to Work

UNM HR just assigned the training UNM Bringing Back the Pack: Return to Work on Learning Central to all employees at the University. The course can be accessed by signing into Learning Central and typing in either Bringing Back the Pack or BBP 100 into the search bar; from there it should show up as an online class. 

If you are a non-UNM employee or student, the training can be accessed here.

Si no es empleado de unm, o si es estudiante de unm, haga clic aquí para acceder al vídeo.

Once you complete the training outside of Learning Central, it does ask for a NetID to confirm that it has been completed, with the option to download the completion certificate.

Please see the EPA Disinfectants Page for proper disinfectants.