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Travel Insurance

UNM provides two options for travel insurance:

  • Group Accident Insurance - Medical insurance coverage for non-employees participating in and traveling to and from University of New Mexico sponsored/supervised field trips.
  • TravMed Insurance - Medical insurance coverage while visiting a foreign country.

The insurance coverage provided by UNM's insurance carrier, the New Mexico Risk Management Division, does not cover the cost of medical bills which may be incurred by a non-employee participating in a UNM-sponsored field trip. The only exception to this is if the University or one of its employees is found to be negligent and if this negligence results in injury to a non-employee.

As a result, the Department of Safety & Risk Services is pleased to offer medical insurance coverage for non-employees participating in and traveling to and from University of New Mexico sponsored/supervised field trips. This insurance should be purchased for all students and other non-employees. The coverage does not need to be purchased for employees since employees are covered by Workers' Compensation for any injury that occurs while performing duties within the scope of the employee's job at UNM.

To find the cost of insurance, refer to the chart below. For example, for coverage for one person for one day, the cost is 90 cents. The cost for one person for a 10 day trip is $5.05. Use the Request for Group Accident Insurance Coverage Form to request the insurance coverage. The request form must be received by the Department of Safety & Risk Services prior to trip departure.. Please note that the rates are per person.

Effective Date: October 11, 1996 until canceled
Issued to:  University of New Mexico


These rates are per person. This coverage has a $5000 limit for medical/dental expense.

Dexcription of Coverage

We will cover injuries that happen to all insured persons participating in and traveling to, during, and from University of New Mexico sponsored/supervised field trips. Coverage begins at the actual start of the trip, from the original point of departure. Coverage ends when the insured person arrives at the return destination point. We will cover the insured person while riding as a passenger in (includes getting on or off) the aircraft of any scheduled or chartered aircraft of any civilian commercial airline authorized to provide regular service between named cities at regular and specified times. We will not cover the insured person while riding as a pilot, operator or crew member in the aircraft described as above.


Accidental Death and Dismemberment$10,000.00
Medical-Dental Expense$5,000.00
Medical Dental Expense-Deductible$0.00
Daily Hospital Indemnity$40.00
Catastrophe Limit$5000,000.00

Daily Hospital Indemnity:

We will pay this benefit if, as a result of injuries, the insured person is: (1) confined in a hospital and (2) under the care of a physician. This benefit starts on the first day the insured person is confined in the hospital and continues while he or she is confined. But we won't pay for more than 365 days as the result of any one accident. We will pay the amount of hospital indemnity that is shown in the Schedule. We will not pay for any confinement which does not start while coverage under the policy is in force. We will consider successive confinements due to the same or related causes to be the result of one accident unless the insured person does all the regular duties of his or her occupation full-time for at least 90 days between confinements. Then we will consider the later confinement to be the result of a new accident.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment:

If the insured person's injuries result in any of the losses listed below, we will pay the benefit shown for that loss. The loss must result within 365 days after the accident happens. The benefit we will pay for each loss is based on the full amount of insurance shown in the Schedule above.

For Loss of:
LifeThe Full Amount

Both Feet or Both Hand or

the Entire Sight of Both Eyes

The Full Amount
One Hand and One FootThe Full Amount
Either One Hand or One Foot and the Entire Sight of One EyeThe Full Amount
One Hand or One Foot or the Entire Sight of One Eye1/2 The Full Amount
Thumb and index Finger or Either Hand1/2 The Full Amount
Loss of a hand or foot means severance at or above the wrist or ankle joint. Loss of sight means total and irrecoverable loss of sight. Loss of thumb and index finger means severance through or above the metacarpophalangeal joint. If insured person suffers more than one loss from any one accident, we will pay only the larger amount. Losses resulting from injuries that happen in separate accidents will not be combined for the purpose of paying benefit.


The insurance under this policy will not cover: (1) disease, illness or bacterial infection (except botulism, ptomaine or infection resulting directly from accidental injury) (2) intentionally self-inflicted injury, suicide or any attempt at it, while sane or insane (3) injuries that happen while riding in any aircraft unless described in the "Description of Coverage" (4) loss caused by war or any act of war declared or not (5) loss that happens while on full-time active duty in the armed forces of any country or international authority (6) injuries that happen while the insured is flying in aircraft being used for: field or crop dusting or spraying, firefighting, pipeline inspection, hunting, racing or endurance tests, seeding, skywriting or banner towing, aerial photography, exploration, exhibition stunt flying (7) injuries or loss that happen while the insured person is committing or attempting to commit a felony (8) expense incurred for eye examinations, eyeglasses, contact lenses or hearing aids or the fitting of these items unless needed because of an injury to the eye that happens while the person is insured under this polic; (9) hernia, however caused (10) services or treatment given by a person employed or retained by the participating employer/organization (11) medical expenses for which the insured person is entitled to benefits under any Workers' Compensation Act, and mandatory "no fault" automobile insurance contract or mandatory basic reparations benefit of "no fault".

Claim Procedure Provisions

Notice or Claim:

An insured person or his or her beneficiary must give us written notice of claim within 60 days after any loss covered by this policy occurs or begins. If the injured person can't give notice during that time, he or she must do so as soon as reasonably possible. The notice must identify the injured person and the policyholder. Call the UNM SRS at 505-277-0312 to obtain information and a claim form.

Written Proof of Loss:

Written proof of loss must be sent to us at our home office through the UNM Dept. of Risk Management. If the claim is for continuing loss for which we make periodic payments, the insured person must give us written proof within 90 days after the end of each period for which benefits are payable. For any other loss, the injured person must give us written proof within 90 days after the date of loss. The claim won't be affected if the injured person can't give proof during that time. Proof must be sent as soon as reasonably possible. Except in the absence of legal capacity, the insured person must give us written proof within one year of the time otherwise required.

Time of Payment ofClaims:

When we receive sufficient written proof of loss, we will pay any benefits due the insured person. Benefits that provide for periodic payment will be paid at least monthly. When our liability ends, we will pay any remaining balance as soon as we receive sufficient written proof of loss.

Payment of Claims:

If the insured person dies, we will pay death benefits and any other accrued benefits to the beneficiary on record with either us or the policyholder. If no beneficiary is named, benefits will be paid in the following order to: (1) the insured person's spouse, if living (2) the insured person's children, if living, in equal shares or (3) the duly appointed representative of the person's insured estate. We may pay all other benefits to the insured person. We may pay all or a part of any benefits for health care services directly to the provider, unless the insured person directs us otherwise, in writing, by the time sufficient written proof of loss is received. We can't require that the service be given by a certain provider. If the insured person is a minor, we may pay benefits to the parent or legal guardian who has custody of the insured person. Any payment we make in good faith will end our liability to the extent of payment.

Physical Examination and Autopsy:

We have the right to have a physician of our choice examine the insured person as often as we find necessary while a claim is pending. We also have the right to make an autopsy in case of death, unless the law forbids it. We will pay the cost for both the examination and autopsy.

Legal Actions:

The insured person may not bring suit to recover on this policy until 60 days after he or she has given us written proof of loss. No suit may be brought more than three years after the date written proof of loss is required.

TravMed takes over where your regular hospitalization and medical plan rarely go…. into a foreign country. Don’t take for granted that your US hospitalization plan provides its usual coverage outside the US. If you get sick or have an accident in a foreign country, TravMed can help you locate medical care. With TravMed, you can travel knowing you have prepared for the unexpected. You get the help you need to save your business trip or vacation…perhaps even your life.

TravMed offers a comprehensive package of short term accident and sickness insurance, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation and worldwide 24-hour medical assistance for U.S. residents traveling outside of the U.S.

  • $100,000 Emergency Medical Expense Benefit
  • Physicians' fees and hospital expenses
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Special trip expenses for accompanying travelers, 18 years of age and younger, to home residence
  • Special trip expenses for bringing a companion to your side
  • FrontierMEDEX Worldwide Travel Assistance Services

TravMed Abroad Rates

You pay only $4.00/day ($5.75/day for ages 71-80 or $8.00/day for ages 81-85) and a $25 deductible per illness or injury. A 7-day minimum trip length and 90-day maximum trip length apply.

Annual Frequent Traveler program available for $200/year ($250/year for ages 71-80). No one trip can be more than 30 consecutive days. Please call for quote if the average number of trips per year exceeds five (5). 

Detailed Coverage Information

Optional Coverage

Optional Trip Interruption and Cancellation Insurance - Don't lose your pre-paid non-refundable trip expenses because of a cancellation or interruption. (Price: 6% of the coverage requested.) 

Optional Lost Baggage Insurance - Baggage and personal effects can be lost, stolen or damaged while checked with common carriers. Protect your belongings and don't let a problem ruin your trip. (Price: $2.50 per person/per day) 

TravMed has other travel insurance options, including higher medical benefits, that can be found on their website under “All Products”. 

Call 1-800-732-5309 for more information.

Ways to Enroll

Buy Now Online, or
Print the Application below and fax to (410) 308-7905, or
Call MedexAssist at 1 (800) 732-5309 Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm EDT.

For Additional Information

Contact UNM Safety & Risk Services at (505) 277-2753 or TravMed at 1-800-732-5309.
Click here to download the TravMed Insurance Enrollment Form in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.