International Travel

UNM provides two options for travel insurance:

Supervised UNM Sponsored Field Trips

The insurance coverage provided by UNM's insurance carrier, the New Mexico Risk Management Division, does not cover the cost of medical bills which may be incurred by a non-employee participating in a UNM-sponsored field trip. The only exception to this is if the University or one of its employees is found to be negligent and if this negligence results in injury to a non-employee.

As a result, the Department of Safety & Risk Services is pleased to offer medical insurance coverage for non-employees participating in and traveling to and from University of New Mexico sponsored/supervised field trips. This insurance should be purchased for all students and other non-employees. The coverage does not need to be purchased for employees since employees are covered by Workers' Compensation for any injury that occurs while performing duties within the scope of the employee's job at UNM.

The cost of coverage for one person for one day is 90 cents. The cost for three people on a 3-day trip is $8.10. Use the Requset for Group Accident Insurance Coverage Form to request the insurance coverage. The request form must be received by the Department of Safety & Risk Services prior to trip departure. Please note that the rate is per person.

Group Accident Insurance Request

ACE American Insurance Company - Blanket Accident Policy

Travel: Abroad

All foreign travel must be reported to the Safety & Risk Services in order for applicable insurance to take effect. Please fill out the form below.
Insurance for ALL UNM faculty, staff and students traveling on UNM Business.

For additional information, vist the CISI Portal.

Insurance for everyone travelling abroad.

For additional information, vist UnitedHealthcare Global.

Existing Coverages

  • Eligibility: UNM Staff and Faculty who have purchased health insurance offered by the UNM Human Resources Department
  • Coverages: Accidental Injury, Urgent Care, Emergency Health, Trauma Services, Emergency Evacuation, Repatriation, and Medical Evacuation Reimbursement up to $50,000.00.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Global® Core (available to LoboHEALTH participants)

For additional information, please see the LoboHEALTH Booklet.

  • Eligibility: Graduate Assistants, Research Assistants and other individuals taking part in the Student Health Plan.
  • Coverages: Medical Emergency Evacuation, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Luggage Assistance, Legal Referral, Repatriation, Evacuation Assistance

For additional information, please see the Student Health Plan flyer.

  • Eligibility: Must be actively enrolled in the above plan through UNM
  • Coverages: Emergency Medical Assistance, Pre-Trip Information, Emergency Personal Services, Identity Theft Assistance.

For additional information, please visit this link.

  • Eligibility: UNM staff, faculty, and students
  • Coverages: Kidnapping, extortion, wrongful detention, hijacking, child abduction, cyber extortion, disappearances, express kidnapping, hostage crisis and/or series of connected events.
  • Eligibility: UNM employees who report foreign travel to SRS
  • Coverages: General liability, crisis response, hired and non-owned automobile liability, foreign voluntary compensation, employers liability, and travel accidental death and dismemberment.