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Department of Art and Art History Display Prodecure

Please submit this form at least one week prior to the event. A copy of the submission will automatically go to the following departments electronically:

  • The Art Department, Association Chairperson, Art Building room 204 for record keeping.
  • Safety & Risk Services would like to assure that the work is presented in a safe manner (277-2753).
  • Student Activity Center will review your submission. Some outdoor displays must have their approval.
  • Physical Plant Landscaping Department if the work is displayed outside.

Please plan the project so that it does not create hazards, which might injure members of the viewing public. It is important that the project does not create fire hazards or block exits. The work should also be displayed so that it does not create trip-fall hazards. The artist is responsible to restore any alterations and repairs damages that might happen to University property. The artist must remove the work from the site and restore the site to its original condition.