Ground Water

Groundwater Investigation
UNM remains involved in a trichloroethylene (TCE) contaminated groundwater investigation with the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED). The investigation has discovered low levels of TCE in the upper (shallow) aquifer on portions of the Central Campus and off-campus areas to the south. No TCE has yet been detected in the lower (deeper) and higher producing sections of the aquifer that flow into UNM’s water supply well. Given a host of variables, the source of the TCE contamination remains unknown.
Regardless, third-party pump testing to assess the connection or isolation of the upper/shallow sections to the lower/deeper sections of the aquifer strongly suggest that they are hydraulically isolated from each other. This is good news for UNM. Regardless, just to continue to be safe, the water from UNM’s well is sampled and analyzed each month. The monthly testing of water from our drinking water well continues to indicate the absence of TCE at or above the laboratory analytical method detection limit.