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Classroom Training

The Department of Safety and Risk Services provides training on a variety of safety related topics. We will also develop classroom safety training programs that will meet the individual needs of your department or your work environment in an effort to reduce accidents and meet regulatory requirements.


Pre-requisites and Requirements:

  • Medically cleared once per year or after significant change in medical condition. Fit test must be renewed at least once per year or when work duties or type of respirator used changes.
  • If you need a half face respirator, we recommend to bring your own with filters. We can train you but we do not sell our half face respirators or filters. Also, we recommend bringing a water bottle to the test.
  • OSHA requires respirators users to be clean shaven except for loose Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) users. 
    • Whiskers are coarse and will break the respirator seal on the face, and a poor seal allows air contaminants or pathogens to bypass the respirator and be inhaled. Facial growth of more than 24 hours will prevent successful respirator testing and use.
    • Those with permanent beards will be trained to use a PAPR.

Office of Clinical Affairs:

You can return your re-credentialing packet with the date that you intend to attend training and fit test. After the training and fit test you can then submit paperwork to the Office of Clinical Affairs.

More Information:

If someone is in need of a fit test for a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), SRS can arrange for fittings.

If you have questions related to respirator training, or to set up or find a group training date/time that works for you, please contact Safety & Risk Services at 277-2753. All N-95 Training Records are available on Learning Central. Training documentation will be available on Learning Central within 5 working days following the training and fit test.

Anyone who is interested in completing their respirator fit test may register for one of the scheduled dates on Learning Central.


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To learn more, contact SRS at 277-2753.