Request for Pick-up of Hazardous Waste and Excess Chemicals

SRS arranges for the proper transportation and disposal of excess chemicals and hazardous wastes generated at UNM. In order to have your wastes picked up, fill out a Hazardous Materials Disposal Request Form and email it to You can also use the SRS online request form at the bottom of this page to request a pick-up.

You will receive an email from our Hazardous Materials Specialist confirming receipt of your request and you will be added to the hazardous materials pick-up schedule. Pick-ups are typically every Friday.

Prior to being picked up, you must ensure that all waste containers are properly labeled. If waste is in its original container and the label is intact, no additional labeling is necessary. If waste is not in its original container, it must be labeled with the following information:

  1. The words "HAZARDOUS WASTE".
  2. The words “TOXIC,” “REACTIVE,” “IGNITABLE,” and/or “CORROSIVE,” if applicable. Any hazard communication consistent with the DOT, OSHA or NFPA is acceptable.
  3. A list of the contents of the container (with percent or volume of each ingredient).
  4. Your Building Name, Room Number and Phone Number.

You may use the SRS Editable Hazardous Waste Label or you may create your own label, as long as it contains the information listed above.


If you have questions related to hazardous waste and/or excess chemicals disposal, please contact Safety and Risk Services at 277-2753.