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Request for Pick-up of Hazardous Waste and Excess Chemicals

Fill out our blank Hazardous Materials Disposal Request Form and email it to You can also use the SRS online request form to request a pickup.

You will receive an email from our Hazardous Materials Specialist confirming receipt of your request and you will be added to the hazardous materials pickup schedule. Pickups are typically every Friday.

If you have questions related to hazardous waste and/or excess chemicals disposal, please contact Safety and Risk Services at 277-2753.

Prior to making a request for a hazardous waste pick-up, please make sure that:

All containers are labeled as soon as they contain any hazardous waste. Label your container using our blank HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT LABEL, or you may create your own as long as it has the following required information:

  1. The words "HAZARDOUS WASTE"
  2. Print on the label your name, phone number, your Building Name and Room Number
  3. Chemicals (for example, formaldehyde and water) and percent
  4. The hazardous property (toxic, flammable, corrosive or reactive)
    Please Note: No Hazardous Waste label is required if the label on the bottle matches the contents.
    • Be sure all containers are labeled correctly
    • The label is completely filled out, including Generated by, Telephone, COMPLETE CHEMICAL NAMES, Concentration Amounts and appropriate Hazard properties identified (checked).
    • Containers are stored in secondary containment (if necessary)
    • Containers are segregated according to compatibility
    • Containers are closed